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Self-Conscious thoughts.




Because of my CP, I’ve had a hard time finding myself femenine and sensual. I’ve always thought about myself “Ok, Lorena. You may not be the pretty girl in the class, but you can be the smart one!”. It never occurred to me that I could be pretty AND smart at the same time. For me, both properties…

I feel the same way. I was just thinking this today. One of the conditions I have combined with ANOTHER condition I have making me inactive for a period of time caused me to gain a significant amount of weight. I don’t always feel like exercising or washing my hair or going to parties, and I feel like boys dont like me because of that. It’s hard to remember but you know if people don’t like you because of a fundamental thing about you that you can never change, then let them go. They’re not good enough for people as beautiful as you and me, inside and out.

Thank you for writing this post so I know I’m not alone in this.

P.S. I’ll raise you never having a boyfriend and say that I’ve never even been kissed. Sigh.


Thank you for sharing this with me
:) I really appreciate it. I’ve always thought about my disability as a filter: it lets only the kind hearted and non superficial people pass through to get around me. It grants me that those who are next to me stay because of ME and not my looks or anything else. P.S. You will skip kissing many toads on your way to the coveted “prince charming” ;) (if there’s such a thing).


I think about pokemon in non-battle situations a lot. Like pokemon who have been trained/raised to be helpers and assistants than to be battle partners.

Pokemon visiting hospitals to cheer patients up like dogs and cats do. Or ones that help kids learn to read, speak, swim, go through therapy?! Even pokemon who’s abilities help owners with specific disabilities?!

I love thinking of pokemon outside of battle situations.

Excuse me, I have to sob hysterically for unrelated reasons.

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